A day in the life of a GSoC student

My typical day I thought it might be interesting to see the typical working day of a Google summer of code student. My day is probably different to a lot of other students as I am fortunate enough to have an office at Durham University. Before continuing I would like... [Read More]

New features and timeline update

New features At this point I am just beginning to reach an incredibly exciting section of the summer project. The project is beginning to result in complete new features which allows noticeable, quantifiable and shareable improvements. This is the most rewarding aspect of the project. [Read More]

The double bug experiment

Opening my fist PR This week I got round to wiring in the cython function from the previous post into the heart of the yt internals. This meant I had to quickly get familiar with the field and unit systems currently in place. This has been the hardest task so... [Read More]